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Spirituality may cover several paths of search for a meaning and purpose of life. It is also a way of relating one`s life to a higher purpose outside the daily striving for survival and following routine of life prescribed by social norms and behaviours. When this search falls under the supervision of a mass culture subjected to rules and practices common to all and is based on the same set of beliefs, it takes the form of religion. The believers and practitioners of these religious spirituality are often blind followers who, without demanding any scrutiny of the institutional teachings, may submit their spiritual quest to the authorities of the religious leaders. Often this sort of spirituality results from practices of the families where one is born, or due to influence and coercion by power of people who rule. This is what Karl Marx once called “opium of the people”.

Some may like to distinguish such religiosity from spirituality which are based on individuals`personal knowledge, experience and judgment. The individualistic spirituality may substantially differ from the religious views which act as the foundation of mass culture in the society. However, all individual searches are pivoted on certain beliefs, or an understanding of one`s position in the world in the context of the greater existence which exists outside oneself. Here individuals` knowledge about the physical and biological world and awareness of the relations, which the individual may bear with the rest of the existing beings, become crucial elements behind any spiritual quest. They help to generate vision of the path one may follow, and provide creative abilities to explore dimensions of life not yet revealed to the mind. In this spiritual search one may be left alone to one`s own ability to know, explore and find new ways about how one may cross the darkness of the mind. Spirituality becomes a way to explore the realms of light which may be hiding within oneself. Thus one learns to become the master of oneself.

One may find meaning behind this search as one harvests on the way richer experiences of life. It opens up the vision of life where other human beings may appear as projections of the same self who is making a journey together in a shore of eternity, where no journey would ever cease. Higher the knowledge and awareness of the existence of the self in the perspective of the totality, this spiritual experience becomes more lovely and intense. It is a path of freedom which one needs to walk in search of the radiance which attracts all souls who wish to “wake up”. However, there are levels of radiance one may watch according to the level of training and readiness of the mind to walk from the darkness to  the light.

Spirituality is often directed towards attaining a goal. This goal may mean a satisfaction in finding a meaning in walking from “darkness to light”, and helping people, who are seeking an experience of higher life, to follow the path of “light” one may have discerned. This form of spirituality is truly a way to seek oneness with all, while the path of the journey passes through oneself.

What other goals this spirituality may bring beside being self-enlightened and bringing experience of oneness with all? How can it serve others who are groping in the darkness and have not found path of exit? Has life any meaning in serving others, who may be ignorant of the higher nature of life and instead living in a darker realm bound to the needs and necessities? What should be the moral and ethics of acting in life when others may suffer around and need help to get out of an unenlightened world?

In this site I have described my personal journey from “darkness to light” and told the story how I have arrived at a realm where things appear illumined by the cosmos and the “Great Mind” which penetrates through all. I have also described the values which may bring freedom and development of the self, and at the same time build respect for the needs and necessities of freedom and development of others as parts of one`s enlightened journey.

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