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Human beings live and die like all other living organisms on Earth. They leave new generations who continue the cycle in the same way again and again. During this short span of life every life is thrown into a struggle for survival against nature, necessities and moral dilemmas preying on life everyday. They seek respite from this struggle and look for ways which may bring tranquillity and peace to life - a “heavenly” home where the mind may fly to higher heights and find a realm beyond the life of struggle, pain and moral dilemma. They wish to find a realm where they may find answers to the questions: Why this life and death? Why this perpetual continuation of existence enchained in the wheel of time? Can any existence be free from this destiny? Is there anything higher beyond this earthly existence, which one may attain after passing away in death? Or, are all our sentiments, feelings, ecstasies, joys, cries or shrieks nothing but movements of waves in an unsurpassable ocean of darkness which no one can ever cross? Is there an endless, speechless, dark demonic mouth of time devouring all and spewing out all again back to life to continue the movement of the wheel? No meaning but only a mechanical coming and going without any purpose or halt?

Without receiving a proper answer to these questions, which may comfort the mind, how should we engage in the activities of life? How shall we choose to fight in our daily life? Is there any moral prescription to find which may guide us to act with respect to nature, other living creatures and the  human beings? How should we define our freedom with respect to others? What should be the content of “true freedom” of life, which may bring us beyond the realm of suffering where all life are caught?

These questions have been asked in all ages since human beings started reflecting about the nature of their existential conditions. Philosophers have speculated and come up with different answers, which may contradict each other; the religious schools have come forth with their “divinely revealed” answers to comfort people living under their influence and inspire them in engaging in religious practices; mystics have talked about experiences which can not be described by languages and indicated a realm of existence which can not be known and understood in terms of perceptive experiences (which, of course, do not help people striving to find a practical answer).

The contents of philosophical speculations or understanding of the religious revelations have been dependent on the knowledge of physical nature, biological life and the universe available to mankind at the time these ideas and thoughts were promulgated. Except the mystics, whose experiences are not dependent on the knowledge of the physical and biological worlds, which are bound to time and space, philosophical and religious prescriptions are mostly culture dependent, and vary with varying understandings of the conditions of life and their relations to the physical and the biological spheres. Therefore, philosophical ideas and religious faiths change with the social evolution  and increased knowledge base. With it the answers to the questions we have posed in the beginning also take new dimensions.

So, in my view, the answers we seek depend on the knowledge which the human beings possess and the cultural framework which absorb this knowledge in creating the foundations of their societies. The societies, where scientific knowledge has not reached the majority of their members, who are still living in ignorance about their own nature and the nature of the physical and biological world,  may breed greater darkness of the mind. Questions of meaning, freedom, ethics etc. will receive different meanings from those who are more enlightened.

In my opinion, the questions raised above, have no unique answers which may be applicable to all human beings. The answers will only bear meaning to one`s life which is relative to the person`s knowledge base, cultural maturity, and conditions of freedom which the person may enjoy with respect to one`s own environment. As said before, depending on the varied evolutionary stages of mind achieved by different individuals, the philosophy and spirituality regarding the meaning of existence, like multi-coloured cultures of people, become  so multi-coloured that it is highly difficult to describe.

Instead of trying to give answer from a ground, which does not exist for all, I shall present here the answers which I have arrived at on the basis of my knowledge and experiences and the social and cultural life I have enjoyed. By projecting the perspective of meaning and freedom of life and the visions of a life, guided by moral values, which is compatible with the meaning I seek, I wish to inject new dimensions to other reflecting minds. The main foundation of my meaning of life has been a renewed understanding of the nature of creation of the universe, and an experience of the presence of a multi-dimensional reality projected through a “mysterious” universal mind, of whom I am also a part. This “Great  Mind” has guided me to come out of the darkness of the lower nature of the mind and find an enlightened path. I hope the story of this personal journey may inspire others to embark on a similar journey of their own life.

This site is structured as follows: First is the introduction which has a general part (introduction 1) and a personal part (introduction 2). In the general part I have discussed my views about spirituality and how one`s spiritual power may be directed to achieve a goal of creating movements towards higher social evolution. In the personal part I have summarized the following stories: 1) How I have walked across darkness and arrived at a realm where I have found meaning and freedom I seek; 2) What vision has guided me and which values have been the foundations of my living and acting in the world (as it exists); 3) How do I perceive the realm of “reality” and engage in discovering the unknown realms of the mind; 4) How do I experience the existence of God as a mystic; and 5) My dream of the evolution of the societies towards an “enlightened social-order”.

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